Which songs I use and Why

I like to use different songs, to get an idea of the soundsystem. A lot of people use only 1 or 2 but I like to check for the different aspects in several genres. Please subscribe and comment with your favourite soundcheck song and why.  

CHVRCHES - Leave a Trace

I use this song to get an Idea of the low end and high-mids in the room. Listen for the low in kickdrum and high-mids of her voice which are changing in the chorus of the song. The high mid of her voice is really nice in the verses and becomes more aggressive in the chorus. This gives me a good idea if there is already some High-mid EQ'ing going on in on the system. Some engineers try to 'warm-up' a system by cutting the high-mids - resulting in a undefined sound.  

Chris Jones - No Sanctuary Here

Use this song a lot for checking low end of a system and clearance in the highs. If you are doing events - the client is really happy to hear some softer songs during soundcheck - #PFFFFFF #notme 😀  

In Flames - In Plain View

A lot of times I found that there is less low-mids in a Soundsystem - a lot of times the local soundguy has eq'ed out this range ending up with a system that sounds dull. #maybehelikeshomesoundsystem...??? Listen for the first 30 sec of the song. Check the punch in snare on different systems 😉 PS: Also check the song 'Ropes' of In Flames.  

Crosby and Nash - Lay Me Down

Got this one from a colleague, Really nice song to check clarity in the highs - solid low end. Shaker is nice to check if delayed speakers are correctly measured.

Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted

Really like it to get an overall experience of a sound system. I listen for punch - calrity in the percussion (or to much) - Low end - defenition in voice.

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