Be Carefull in EQ!

Each Sound-system has it characteristics and specifications. You can’t make one brand sound like another. If the highs are bad, you only can polish it but it will never sound the same as the high-end of another system

Use Parametric EQ

I mostly use Parametric EQ and not the graphic eq on a system. First of all it does not look so smooth al the dips you make with the little faders :D. Second and most important is you get confused because the filters in most cases are to narrow and everything you boost will sound bad – resulting in to much cuts.

Q – Factor

I try to think as broad as possible to tune a system on ear. A broad Q will sound more natural and thinking about a trend in a system instead of a saying ‘To much 4khz!!!’ will give you a more musical result in your system.

Michel Daems

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