Technical details

Measurment is done with smaart through an RME Fireface 802 – Pinknoise was splitted to 2 outputs:

– one going straight in  mic preamp 1 on the fireface

– Other going to the ewD1 Transmitter – afterwards the output of the receiver has been fed to mic preamp 2 on the fireface


Every digital wireless system introduces a bit of latency… the arrival times between the 2 mic preamps (one ref pink / other to the ewD1) is about 3,94 ms. Be aware that the latency increases a little bit if you use different EQ/filter settings on the receiver. Max latency was about 4 ms

Phase and frequency response

The phase response isn’t flat in the lower frequencies. Below 180 hz the shift begins and wil go to about 85 degrees. In the higher frequencies we can see a little bit of phase shit starting at 2 khz. For the top frequencies this phase shift wil become worse.

Frequency response is ok… but be aware that it has a low end roll-off beginning at 60 hz to 20 hz (-6db)



The sennheiser ewD1 is a good system and also works in the 2,4 ghz band. But the frequency/response of the Line6 is in my opinion better.


PS: I never tested it in a live environment because this is a Demo-Model I have for a few days 😉

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