Scala & Kolacny Brothers 

This month I had the opportunity to tour as a FOH-engineer with the Belgium Indi-Rock Choir "Scala & Kolacny Brothers".  

They have a lot of music in famous movie & television series like "Downtown Abbey", "The Social Network", "Sons of Anarchy",...

As seen in the video (end of this page) - I really had a lot of fun with this crew!

Mixing Desk

The front of house desk is a Avid Venue Profile 48/16 system running with a bunch of Waves/Cranesong,... Plugins.

On monitors there is a Behringer X32 desk, it does what it needs to do 😉


The choir is provided with Sennheiser HSP4 -Cardiod earset and transmitted with the Sennheiser 9000 system. It is a really good flexible system and never experienced any dropouts.

A total of  16 wireless headsets microphones were running into 1 TV channel (8Mhz - EU) 

Will make a video of this system soon ! 😉

The monitoring for the drummer, pianist and conductor is on a Shure PSM1000 inear model. Also a few leadvocal chorists are on a Wysicom Inear transmitter


A few songs have some backingtrack FX, Synths and beats running to sweeten up the song. This a redundant Logic Pro X system running on 2 sperate mac minis. Triggered by Korg Nanopads from FOH and Piano position. 

How to setup Logic Pro X as a live playback system?

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