Studio Recording and Mixing

I began exploring the skills and tools necessary to create professional-level sound at a young age.

After gaining 10 years of experience and working at BeNeLux’s largest recording facility, Galaxy Studios, I transitioned to working as a freelance studio recording – mixing engineer and consultant.

In 2019, I established my own control room in Grimbergen, Belgium, where I complete diverse sound productions.

Stereo or Immersive? I Love it all 😀

Live Sound Engineering

Working as a live sound engineer has given me the opportunity to collaborate with amazing artists in unique and memorable locations.

From touring in China, the United States, the Middle East, North Africa, India, Spain, Ireland, and Germany, I have worked in various clubs, theaters, and festivals.

To ensure the best possible sound quality for each performance, I have invested in my own live sound gear. This allows me to rehearse with the artists, conduct virtual soundchecks, and work together to develop the perfect sound for their performance.

I am constantly learning every day to assist artists, video creators, and producers in making their creations sound the best they can, whether in the studio or in a live environment.