Studio Recording and Mixing

I started on a young age to discover the skill and tools that are needed to create a professional sound.

After working in BeNeLux Largest recording facility ‘Galaxy Studios’ – and having 10 years of experience – I started as a freelance studio recording and mixing engineer and consultant.

In 2019 I also created my own control room to mix and finish sound productions at Grimbergen (Belgium).

Stereo or Immersive? I Love it all 😀

Live Sound Engineering

As a Live sound engineer I’ve been lucky to work with some really great artists on very special and different locations. For example I toured in China, United States, Middle-East, North-Africa, India, Spain, Ireland, Germany in different clubs / theaters and festivals.

I invested in my own live sound gear so I can rehearse, virtual soundcheck and develop the sound together with the artist.

I’m Learning every day to  help artist, video creators, producers with their creation to sound the best in the studio and ‘Live’ -environment